Emily Lacy-Nichols
2140 NW 25TH PL
Corvallis, OR, 97330
(541) 231-7993

I am presently working as a graphic designer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My clients include Underwater AudioMy Belle Blossoms Florist, and the Corvallis da Vinci Days Festival.

• Full facility with both Windows and Macintosh platforms
• Exceptional knowledge of digital photography and photo manipulation
• Strong sense of composition, color, and other elements of design
• Exceptional skill with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (CS-CS5)
• Proficiency in Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, and InDesign (CS-CS5)
• Proficiency in HTML and CSS, and with Object-Oriented Programming logic
• Excellent communication, organizational, and collaborative skills
• Exceptional writing and proofreading skills

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts, 2010
University of Oregon: Robert D Clark Honors College
• Senior Honors Thesis: Process and Intent in Interactive Digital Media
Pass with Honors
• Strong focus on digital imaging, photography, and multimedia
• GPA: 3.77
References available upon request

Graphic Designer, Illustrator: 2010

Produced for Da Vinci Days Grand Kinetic Challenger “Secret Racing Clan”
• Created a distinctive image and title type design suitable for multiple output formats
• Executed graphics on painted wooden signage, team t-shirts, buttons, and other promotional material
“Secret Racing Clan” won the 2010 Pageantry Award and was featured on the front page of the Corvallis Gazette Times

Photographer, Web Designer: 2007-present
Personal Portfolio Websites: intra—and extra—curricular work produced during my undergraduate years
• Designed, coded, and maintained content of sites using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver
• Performed digital image manipulation on original photographs and images
• Implemented dynamic user-interface for image browsing using JavaScript plugins

Animator, Programmer: 2010
Honors Thesis: “Distance: the Window-Mirror, or an Exploration of Process and Intent in Interactive Digital Media”
Graduation requirement for the Robert D Clark Honors College, University of Oregon
• Created an animation examining the relationship between artist and audience in the context of interactive digital media
• Devised and implemented a dynamic method of user interaction utilizing a computer’s built-in video input to reveal hidden animated content
• Crafted an accompanying 50-page research paper as the written thesis component
• Maintained an online record of the animation and coding process
“Distance” was awarded a Pass with Honors

Designer, Textile Artist: 2009
Little Things Project: a Social Media Experiment
Undergraduate project in the Department of Digital Arts, University of Oregon
• Conceptualized a collaborative design project which would use outside input as the artistic content of a series of ten machine-embroidered t-shirts
• Solicited, catalogued, and displayed examples provided by users of mundane tasks they complete each day with little thought
• Designed graphics based on selected “little things” and machine-embroidered t-shirts
• Maintained an online record of user submissions, work progress, and gallery images

Graphic Designer: 2009
Business card for a substitute teacher
Produced on commission for a private client
• Created graphic and text proposals for a business card
• Worked with client to refine design elements
• Produced final print-ready file for client’s use
Client informed me that she was hired at her first interview

Illustrator: 2008

For ResNet (University of Oregon Residential Internet and Computer Service)
• Created image proposals for promotional and workplace t-shirts
• Worked with client to refine desired images
• Developed final images for print and web

Web Designer, Graphic Designer: 2007-2008
For the University of Oregon Fencing Club
• Designed and maintained official club website
• Adjusted photographs for web display
• Team member for four years
• Competed in team and individual events

Assistant Youth Art instructor: 2008
Corvallis Methodist Church Summer Day Camp
• Assisted instructor in teaching basic art techniques to teens
• Taught independent lessons on perspective and contour drawing
• Kept students on task and actively participating in lessons

Jewelry Designer: 1997-present

Self-employed, work on gratuity and commission basis
• Created original beaded and wire-form jewelry
• Implemented others’ jewelry designs to learn new skills and methods of construction
• Designed unique jewelry to meet customer specifications and satisfaction
• Repaired beaded and wire-based jewelry
• Produced dynamic photographic record of past designs for portfolio purposes
Design examples available on the this site’s Jewelry page

One Comment to “Résumé”

  1. Wow, I’m impressed! You have done so much! Wish you great success!

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