So I had this brilliant idea, right? I would start a post draft and leave it running in the background of my browser, so that whenever I got an idea I could just plonk it in.  Thing is, I had that idea weeks ago… and “today” (September 10th), I started a draft.  Yay for procrastination.  Probably the reason I’ve been putting it off is that nothing much has happened… although this can be considered a good thing in many respects. For one thing, I have seen all of 2 ants in the couple weeks since the ant man came and fortified the house (he said we might see ants drop from the ceiling and wander in dazed circles on the floor, but we have so far avoided this no doubt amusing but definitely highly annoying spectacle).  For another, I have not had to flee to my parents house, which has air conditioning, in order to sleep at night.  Please note that I knock on the wooden top of my desk after typing each of these events, or lack thereof, as I have no desire to see them occur. Ever. And, in my defense, WordPress refused to upload ANY images until last night, and I didn’t want to post all words and no play :/  Probably I should just post the words and then update them with play or make new play posts, so at least something gets up!

no-text!2013-08-18 18.29.59 tiger-trunk!2013-08-18 19.29.58

Cute decal at a bus stop! (Beats those commercials before movies where some celebrity high-schooler tells other kids not to text and drive, when I really think that the celeb’s target audience is… middleschoolers… who can’t drive for another 2-5 years!)  On a box in Lithia Park: “This box has tigers! No open!” I didn’t try to open it (no fear!)

sketch-mum!2013-08-17 15.16.37 sketch-mum-photo!2013-08-17 15.16.59

Poolside sketch and the view… you will notice some interesting perspective changes (and also probably that maman is no longer there!). Freehand (no pre-pencilling) sketch with Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (I love that thing!).

landscape!2013-08-17 16.15.39

Watercolor sketch of the lovely view across from the hotel… to the right of the poolside view, actually: I didn’t even have to move from my chair! Sakura Micron Archival Ink pen, probably 0.1mm or so… OR Copic Multiliner SP 0.35, but it looks thinner… OR a mix of those plus another Micron 0.005mm or 0.2mm… I really don’t know, but it’s NOT a brush pen!

room-sketch!2013-08-18 09.47.21 room-sketch-pen!2013-08-18 18.31.54

Hotel room sketches! The left is on Ellie’s “Boogie board,” which reminds me of nothing so much as those pads they made when I was younger, with a sheet of fluorescent plastic over a white-board-like surface, that you drew on with a little plastic stylus to make glowing lines in the plastic where it met the backing.  This one is electronic, but the principle is the same (draw a brighter line on a darker surface).  Ellie’s in the bed in the left drawing, mum on the right. Another Micron pen drawing 🙂 or Copic 😉

car-green-photo!2013-08-18 09.18.45 car-green-sketch!2013-08-18 10.01.27

More sketches! Hot car, ne? The challenge is drawing bright things instead of dark (very unintuitive to me, even though I think I did a bit of odd-color drawing in college: white chalk and black charcoal on neutral grey paper or something equally confusing and complicated, lol!) Plus, the tablet acts as a pen, so no erasing—once you draw a line, it stays there! I think I restarted this car once. The drawing, that is, not the car itself. Alas, I didn’t even think to check if there were keys in it!

car-white-fins!2013-08-18 08.59.51

Found this car while walking one morning with papa… mmmm so fantastic!!! ❤  :DDDDDDD

bench-young!2013-08-18 19.31.10bench-wise!2013-08-18 19.31.17

This is the rest of the Ashland imagery 🙂

MjournalFront M-journalBack

I decorated my mum’s reading journal! The 3rd grade class she’s subbing in is/was making them, and she thought I might like to take the task off her hands… which turned out to be spot on, as usual 🙂  She provided me with the photos and memorabilia and chose paper from some of hers that I’d pulled out, then I laid things out and got executive approval to glue them down in whatever places she decided on (often we agreed, but she had some things she wanted to change, mainly spacing things out a bit more).  The above images show the layouts before gluing but after executive approval

Mumjournalfront MumJournalBack

I am making some of these myself, as soon as I finish… other projects… <_<     >_> *shifty eyes* BUT mine will be (er… are?) more collage than mounting/spacing, as that is how I roll!

More posts soon… cross my fingers and hope not to die!


6 Comments to “shrewd”

  1. You are an amazing artist Emily! Aunt Tracey

  2. I love those archival micron pens. I use them almost exclusively. should I broaden my pen usage or just stick with the 0.3 and 0.1? heheh

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