I’ve been pretty quiet on this front since…

…the 25th of October.


BUT: I have a good reason!

I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month! For the thirty days of November, participants try to write 50,000 words—that’s about fifty single-spaced pages total—at a rate of 1,667 words per day! I wrote and wrote and wrote, and on day 11, my computer (2008 MacBook Pro) crashed/died/went into a coma. I knew about where I’d left off, so I was able to keep writing, but that was massively irritating. After over a week of drama with the Mac Store, I received all my files, a beautiful paperweight the exact size and shape of my laptop, and, following my response to the automatic feedback email, a $50 in-store credit for my extremely helpful feedback, which, by the way, was entirely without rancor, sarcasm, or rudeness of any kind, merely saturated with polite disappointment.

2013-11-29 11.37.13

During that dark time, I bit the bullet I’ve been eyeing for over a year and purchased the new Mac Mini (but not, alas, the one that is due to come out soon, as I could not bear to keep using my 2006 MacBook Pro, which hates the internet, printers, large files, the left side of its screen, its hinge, its trackpad, and life in general (I’m typing extremely quietly in case it’s listening… it’s my only laptop au moment and I’d just as soon not have a matching set of paperweights and nothing but a desktop on which to work). My Mini (visible to the right of the monitor in all its brushed aluminum glory) is extraordinarily gorgeous, incredibly tiny (well, I suppose that goes without saying), possessed of an über-boss screen (full HD 1920×1080 pixels of IPS angle-impervious-color amazingness)… and utterly vulnerable to power outages—of which, I might add, we have already had several in the recent past. I was writing that night, and, luckily, also saving every few sentences, so the nearly instantaneous hiccup in the current only killed a paragraph or so, and I cloned it from memory without issue… I think…

Long story short, it’s December (hope that didn’t surprise anyone), and my novel is at 43,389 words, which is to say, 6,611 words short of the prize… and yet, I’m not disappointed in the least.

Why, you ask?

Perspective! The last time I tried NaNo, it was 2005, I was a junior in high school, and I decided that doing my homework was more important than writing my deathless prose (which, at any rate, wasn’t terribly lively due to a decided lack of plot). So last time, I think I maybe hit 2000 words… maybe. Increasing my word count by a factor of over twenty is, to my mind, more than sufficient cause for celebration, and all that remains is to finish that darn thing lovely novel mine 🙂

…which will take probably another 30K words, or more… but I’ve promised a friend that I will finish it in order to entice her to read it and give me useful commentary (ideally with a minimum of scathe), so I shall plow on.

2013-12-01 22.51.07

2013-12-01 22.52.18

2013-12-01 22.52.33

Other news… I cleaned my room (sorry, James Bond)! And I made a little Christmas tree display by my extended jewelry area… yeah, I probably don’t need any for Christmas, lol!

2013-11-27-23.57.04-merci 2013-11-27-23.41.18-thank-you 2013-12-02-17.12.03-warm-winter-wishes

I made thank-you cards for the lovely birthday cards I received (and I need to make another!) and a card for our landlord 🙂


…and here’s a thank-you doodle for some fab nail polish… which has been summarily relegated to the bin of LA Colors/Dollar Tree nail polish. The horror!


Flipping through an old sketchbook while cleaning my room, I came across this portrait from nearly four years ago! I’ve cut my hair, but I haven’t quit drawing portraits at ridiculous-o’clock in the morning. In fact, there’s one somewhere hanging about that I should snap a pic of… later. Me and my nocturnal fits of inspiration…

Go figure.


One Comment to “lag”

  1. oh my dear emily! i love the way your mind processes and explains your experiences. this is so much fun to read and yet you are describing an adventure that i know from my own experience to be stress-inducing and yes, even crabby-inducing. so thank you for being you – marvelous you. xoxoxome

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