It’s that pedal on a piano (I think it’s generally the right one) that suppresses the string mutes and allows the notes to carry until it is released. In sheet music, I’ve heard friends and teachers call it the “bird’s eye” because of its peculiar symbolic representation: the top half of a circle (just the circumference line, not solid) hovering over a dot about where the circle’s focus would be. In church, it’s a vote of confidence and support to someone in a position of authority or with specific responsibilities (like me: chorister, housing coordinator, and activities committee chair of our women’s organization, the Relief Society Relief Society President—see, it’s been so long since my last post that I got a new calling!). In battle, to sustain damage is to acquire it (surely there’s a better verb than acquire; that sounds like someone going out and finding odd furniture on street corners and taking it home… not that I’ve ever done that, of course). In my particular case, sustain refers to my desire to keep this blog afloat as well as my need to do likewise with my burgeoning freelance business. At present, I have two clients, and I might have a third (for proofreading, of all things, which I do love to do but hadn’t thought to advertise)!  Here’s some of what I’ve been up to for one client, Allevia Health:

Print Allevia-R-v2 Allevia-R-v3-



Allevia-T Allevia-T-v3- Allevia-T-v2-

I’ve made several vector ads for Allevia (referencing photos), and that little device? It’s also a vector I made so that I could scale it however I wanted without pixelation (and so it would blend in with the rest of the image).

snowhere2run-trail snowhere2run-self snowhere2run-gaiters

Okay, so this is back in February, when it snowed a ton! I jogged from my parents’ house to Walnut, to Kings, and thence up the hill toward Chip Ross Park, but I turned around not too far in—my gaiters worked excellently in keeping the snow next to my ankles, and my shoes were getting heavy with water, and it took a while to jog safely on the snow/slush/ice… Very fun! I highly recommend snow jogging if you can… just make sure you have longer socks (mine were ankle high, which did not help the whole snow-ankle situation).

Speaking of snow, I went skiing at HooDoo Ski Area all of THREE TIMES this ENTIRE SEASON. Snow, where are you? Oh; that’s right—you came to my tiny town to mire us in white fluffies and make transportation and life in general difficult, since we have no snow plow fleet like other cities that actually get snow have. Plus lots of people don’t know how to drive safely in the snow.  Snow, why couldn’t you stick to the mountains, where I can ski on you?! Curse you, global warming! And yes, I know that the temperature rises very slowly (degrees over centuries) and it’s more a matter of erratic weather than literally warmer climates overall, but one thing I’ve read is that global warming produces cooler summers—I’m ok with that, mostly—and warmer winters—NOT ok with that!


I love taking pictures of clouds, and I particularly loved how this one almost looks like a right-side up landscape if you look at the bottom 100-odd pixels (about 1.75″ on my screen), but then you get the ripples, and the pavement, and it reveals the illusion. I considered cropping this lower, but I think the asphalt is kind of cool with the streaks of oil going rainbow colors like some weird northern lights or something 🙂


And I also love taking panoramas with my phone! The sky was even prettier than this (I wish phones—and digital cameras—had better color gamuts for the pinks and oranges; mine always seem to go kind of yellow-tinted, and lose the roseate glow, which is sad).


I found this in my work’s dropbox; it’s an excel ?program? ?macro? something that my boss made for some class, and I amused myself for a bit painting by selecting cells. You can click on individual cells, which are about 2 pixels tall, or you can grab more at a time, but only in rectangular areas, so you end up making circles by drawing large boxes, then smaller, then smaller, and layering colors in different orders (I think the apple was dark, mid, light, highlight, but it’s been long enough I can’t remember… a danger of delaying a blog post this long!)

Post Script: I’m working on my novel from last year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month; I finished 6,000-ish words from the finish line, alas!) more consistently! I’ve alternated plotting rough scenes on paper (somehow, I think better in writing and in art with a pencil than with a keyboard or mouse or tablet) and typing them up into fully-fleshed prose (and I write prose better on the computer because I can edit it quicker and more neatly—no crossing out, no arrows, no eraser marks, etc). Comment if you want to read it (and maybe give feedback)!


2 Comments to “sustain”

  1. Love, love, love the vector art for Allevia Health. Took me awhile to discern illusion in your reflection on pavement photo. Best of luck with your novel. With much love, Aunt Kitt

  2. You wrote: “And I also love taking panoramas with my phone! The sky was even prettier than this (I wish phones—and digital cameras—had better color gamuts for the pinks and oranges; mine always seem to go kind of yellow-tinted, and lose the roseate glow, which is sad).”

    I lament this fact all the time, especially as how I like to take pix of flowers. what? that iris is not blue I tell you! It’s purple.
    truly way bummer.

    Welcome back to blog land. I’m way overdue for a post on my own blog… darn it. priorities are elsewhere. for now.

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